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What Our Patients And Clients Say


"Two days after running a PR in a 5K race, I injured my left hamstring during a track workout. With only 10 days until my next planned race, a 10K, I went to see the Sports Physical Therapists of FLASH. In 10 days time, thanks to their hands-on treatment, exercise program, and running plan, I was able to race the 10K and finish with a significant PR while setting myself up to continue racing into the fall months. It’s nice to be able to rely on a team who understands the desire to get back to running quickly while at the same time managing my expectations in the event recovery took longer than expected."

- Jim M, West Chester, PA

"The difference at FLASH is their ability to listen to the patient and recommend practical exercises and drills that focus on increasing the strength in the weak spots that caused the injury in the first place. If you are injured (or have a nagging injury), I highly recommend working with FLASH."

- Terry M, West Chester, PA

"Last summer, I tore my meniscus in my knee while playing tennis. Ari, one of my tennis coaches at Aronimink, was seeing Dr. Ryan Bair for his injury and recommended him to me. My relief was almost immediate upon seeing Ryan! He manipulates the injured area, in my case my knee, in such a way where there is little pain but enormous gain from a bending and straightening standpoint. He also has his patients mimic a sport motion, i.e., running for a ball or the serving motion, while he applies appropriate pressure to the affected area. The end result is a regained sense of flexibility and range of motion. All the Sports Physical Therapists at FLASH also see only one patient at a time!! Every other PT that I have been to (and I have been to many!) has patients lined up on exam tables...."

- Page H, Malvern, PA

"I’m a 71-year-old runner who has been dealing with a chronic calf injury for over 25 years. I was feeling that maybe it was time to stop running. Through Dr. Ryan Bair’s encouragement, listening, and patient approach to treatment, I am running again three days per week. Together we designed a specific set of calf massage techniques and exercises that I do daily. I now have hope for many more years of running."

- Dave H, West Chester, PA

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